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Pairing together a high-clipping gain stage with total control over a high pass and low pass filter for a world of tone-shaping options, the VFE Dragon Dynamic Overdrive turns the standard dirt box on its head. Responsive and dynamic, the Dragon's high pass (HPF) and low pass (LPF) filters each get their own knob for dialing in your sweet spot with an added 6dB/12dB switch for drastic filtering and up to 60dB of boost to make your amp roar. A do-it-all overdrive tailor-made for stacking with fuzzes and distortions.

Product Specs

  • Dragon Dynamic Overdrive
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Reviews for the VFE Dragon Dynamic Overdrive
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  • Vfe dragon

    Verified Purchase

    Terrific pedal, really always you to fine tune the bottom and top end of your amp. The distortion is very clear doesn’t fizzbup the amps core tone.

  • Outstanding Circuit-Designed Pedals:

    Verified Purchase

    Firstly, I tried the Standout, which completely brightened up my entire pedal board and got me sold on VFE. So I added the Red Wolf first, then switched over to Dragon on my board. I love how it can bring out such a great sound, specially with the unique advantage of High and Low Pass Filter contro…

  • "A Quality, Sound, Build & Company!"

    Like most of us I've had several Overdrive pedals and still do. I have found not only an Incredibly Dynamic Overdrive, but and incredible company and owner as well. This Overdrive will not leave your board or will you want to turn it off. It adds that something that brings every effect to follow up …

  • Wow - Incredible Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    The drive is beautifully harmonic and the HPF and LPF knobs are crucial. It doesn't sound like other overdrives because it sounds better. In terms of quality, I put this up there with the best that I've played (KoT, Kingsley, etc.).

  • Finally!!!!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal...sounds so good on clean channel to get that break up, but I play high gain music and this pedal will shape your tone with so much precision...simply amazing!!! No matter what you are trying to do...this makes it better.