Video: Spaceman Effects Mercury IV Germanium Harmonic Boost

When we put together a list in January 2017 of pedals that retain their value in the used market, we had to omit Spaceman Effects, because its used pedals consistently sell for much higher than their new price. Spaceman’s Mercury III Harmonic Booster can now fetch more than $1,000 USD, when they're available. Last week, Spaceman released the new Mercury IV Germanium Harmonic Boost through the company’s website, and the overwhelming demand crashed the site. (The issue has since been fixed.)

Today marks the wider release of the Mercury IV—and we have Andy Martin here to show you what all the hype is about. The consistent quality, sleek design, and rich sound that fans have come to expect from Spaceman is all here.

The Mercury IV gives up to 35dB of gain boost, sending your amp through breakup territory with a full spectrum of even-order harmonics. Independent three-way toggle switches allow you to choose between low- or high-frequency boosts or blend between the two. And the Harmonics knob lets you add light or heavy tube-like saturation to your sound.

Be sure to check out the full demo above. And click here to buy your Mercury IV on Reverb now.

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