Blackstrap Electrik Co.

Blackstrap Electrik Company crafts fine replicas of Sola Sound Tone Benders. All units feature Cliff jacks; Carling switches; full-size Alpha pots; shielded UK wire; Mullard transistors; Davies bakelite knobs; Erie, Piher, and AB resistors; and NOS caps from Hunts, Sprague, CDE, CRL, etc.

You will not find vintage replica Tone Benders with better component selection, build quality, or performance—at any price.

Blackstrap Electrik Company is proud to hail from the American Deep South, a region of freaks, yokels, gypsies, hippies, beatniks, old boys, witches, punks, and humans.

If you receive one of our units and don't think it's a great manifestation of the circuit, just send it back within 24 hours; seriously—no big deal. Lifetime warranty for original owner.

Praise for B.E.C.

"Holy f*** this pedal . . . Incredible"

"Need to tell you man, as amazing as the [$1000 competitor MKI fuzz] is . . it has nothing on the Supa you built me. Yours is better"

"Matt, I received the pedal and I gotta be honest with you; for the past 7 years I’ve been a Tone Bender user. I started with the MkI but then moved on because I found MkII that sounded like the one in my brain. Little did I know that I was going to get knocked the f*** out! I already sold my MkII today and my MkI is listed for sale. I am set for life, best Zonk/MkI I’ve ever played. The pedal has the fuzz sound that I’ve been looking for, so my search is over. You have a golden ear for fuzz, and for that, long may you rock, sir! "

"I am glad I pulled the trigger when I saw the pedal. The word needs to be spread because you have an amazing product. It’s been a while since I felt this inspired and drowned by a fuzz Thanks for such a f***ing superb pedal."

"I just scored one of these [Redleaf Double Barrel) #023 with 3 x OC44 transistors. I believe it is the first one you made. Totally blown away with the sound - thanks so much!"

"Hey, this MK1 sounds phenomenal, especially when it’s boosted. Gorgeous sustain. It’s perfect. Thank you!"

"Matt is a Tone Bender God."