Rock City Sound


Rock City Sound was developed and built around three core passions:

Passion for customers,
Passion for music,
and Passion for making a better world

Passion for customers comes first. I want to serve the community by providing trustworthy advice, support, and knowledge of music gear.

Passion for music is something that drives me every day. I'm always able to bond with people over discussions of favorite musicians, concert experiences, or instruments and techniques.

Passion for a better world means creating self-sufficiency and embracing my passions. It also means making my customers' world a little better by sharing the joy of making music and sonic exploration with different instruments, effects, and amps.

About me:

I play at home as a hobby and enjoy trying out guitars, synths, pedals and amps to see what kind of sounds are out there. This affords me the opportunity to try many items that may otherwise be out of a hobbyist's budget, while at the same time maintaining a constant and fluid collection.

My gear is very well cared for, in a non-smoking home, and doesn't get kicked around, because I'm not gigging. I treat it not only as if it were my own; I treat it as if it were yours - in the hopes that it soon will be.

All items are carefully packaged and shipped within 1 business day of payment being cleared. Please message me with offers on applicable items, and any other questions or concerns. Thank you for looking.

Jim Hathaway
Rock City Sound