"Premium Analog Audio Equipment Design & Manufacturing"

George and Debra Kay founded their manufacturing company in Port Townsend WA in 2013. The company is built on the idea of inspiring a new standard in audio gear. Quimper Electronic Systems (QES) designs, engineers, and manufactures all of their exceptionally high quality products from the ground up.

The cornerstone of QES is it’s Retrofier™ brand that incorporates the all new proprietary “Solid-Tube-Technology” (STT) developed by George Kay, into each of its products. The STT is the first of it’s kind to accurately produce tube tone and dynamics in an all-analog format resulting in maximum tube style compression and classic overdrive at any volume!

The Retrofier™ Roadtripper "Glow Series" is the ultimate in analog tube amp simulating pedals. An unprecedented, no nonsense, built to last solution for running direct while maintaining authentic tube amp tone and dynamics. The “Glow Series” will never “clip” like a simple diode based distortion or overdrive pedal, instead they use an “engineered” overload technique only found in QES “Solid-Tube-Technology™“ (STT) based products. The Glow series includes the Warm Glow™ (electric), the AcoustaGlow™ (acoustic), and the Bass Glow™ (bass), each voiced for it’s particular instrument.

The Retrofier™ Roadtripper MCM electric guitar amplifier also uses the proprietary “STT”, the first of it’s kind to accurately produce tube tone and dynamics in an all analog format using only 24 volts DC! The MCM boasts super low noise “real” spring reverb using “STT” technology for thick and rich dripping reverb, a wide range and super dynamic Tremolo, 3 band constant Q equalizer, amp simulating line output, and a Jensen speaker, all in a beautiful Retro style 15 pound package.