PZEffects is a new effects pedal company here to bring you some familiar and some wild effects. This being my Reverb shop, you may see some oddball items I'm selling on here as well.

I've been playing guitar since 2005 and it has been my go-to "hobby" ever since. Everything has always been 2nd to that. Beyond that I've delved into many things as I've always been into learning how things work and how to make things work with what I've had. With the budget of a 15 year old I've learned how to make cheap audio mixers work as "somewhat functioning" audio interfaces and since I've learned (and still am) about how audio circuits work. Namely, guitar effects pedals. I started this company because music is my passion and I love the technical aspect of how to make things sound the way I want them to sound. I've made numerous clones of various popular pedals, but have sold nearly all of them over time. I wondered to myself "why am I even doing this then?". It turns out I love the creative process just as much as using the pedals. So here I am. Developing my original designs and releasing them for the world to enjoy.