Northeast Music Center Inc


It seems so simple: just make your customers happy! In fact it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen - but not everyone is willing to make that effort. I have been surprised that so many customers will go to great lengths to be treated poorly. Why would anyone want to spend hard earned money on a product only to have a over zealous sales person try to sell them something that they do not really need. When you buy a guitar "new" it should be NEW, It should not be new with 50 different people scratching it and dinging it up like some of the big box stores. When you buy a new guitar or amp from us at Northeast Music Center it will be new. PRS Guitars, Tom Anderson Guitars, Martin guitars, Taylor Guitars, Takamine guitars and Mesa boogie Amplifiers, Orange Amplifiers, ESP Guitars are all for sale at internet pricing. Each and every guitar will be setup to your liking at no extra charge with your choice of strings.