Japtone - Vintage Japanese Guitars

We love music and… we love guitars. Without them our life would be absolutely different. We bring back to life guitars put in some corner of a Japanese God-forsaken place. They are guitars aged 40 and above. Our workshop fills up with deceased, zombies and resurrected ladies… and, finally, they become beautiful geishas in our online shop. Beautiful geishas that you can’t help falling in love with.

Many years ago, the discovery of the Japanese guitars from 50s to 80s involved a radical change in our way to understand and customize our guitar tone. We found “the guitar player holy grail”, that means “my own tone”. We have spent thousands of hours with Japanese guitars in our hands, studying them, enjoying them, playing them… and bring them back to life. We fell in love with zombies that were discarded by their former owners. Then, they became real Japanese empress of the vintage tone.

We particularly love the Japanese production of the 70s. A lot of vintage guitar lovers argue that the incredible Japanese decade was the 80s because those guitars were exact replicas of the American models. But we prefer the 70s because those guitars were different, with a very special tone. Where is your holy grail?. Our holy grail was found in the 70s in Japan: wonderful woods, high quality wirings, supreme pickups, handcrafted finishes and the Japanese personal touch. And we cannot forget it… at least 40 years of natural ageing and wood drying.

We select only reliable brands and restore and tune the guitars with love and patience. We use original parts whenever possible or high quality alternatives. And above all, we enjoy when see and listening to our customers fell in love with their “old Japanese ladies”.