I'm here to help you obtain exactly what you need at the best price on Reverb or anywhere! Please ask any questions you have to make the right choices. I'm an expert on guitars and tremolo bars/bridges/parts and this my fun, part time job.

You should receive all of your ordered items in 3 to 10 business days or quicker (I can be on tour for up to 5 business days outside of my office). If you need something next day or 2 day - you must email me first before ordering thru Reverb and I will do all I can to supply you in a timely manner.

I have a couple of online stores so the stock I'm showing is usually on hand, or on hold at distribution, on hold at a manufacturer I have a good direct shipping relationship with or possibly a special order. I don't have the room to stock it all especially the rare lefty pieces, in black/gold /custom finishes or once a year ordered rare custom made parts, pickups or pickguards.

If you want a custom order for a special part, tremolo, pickup(s) or need a ceartain used/rare dated guitar(s), we will find what you need, just ask for a quote and I'll be glad to comply.

A genuine thanks for reading this. I sincerely value
everyone's business immensely! My Best to all.
Rock on,

RETURNS NOTE* If you bought a tremolo to see how you like it but decide you don't, shipping back to us will be paid for by the buyer. If you have previous experience in installing tailpieces/tremolos, Pickups and most guitar parts, that's fine and I salute you. I do always recommend a local luthier for installing most Bigsby, Stetsbar, Floyd Rose & other Tremolos that I support here. - if your tremolo installation chops are fair to poor, ask me for free support 9-5 CA Time on weekdays. if you run into a problem, and you try to install yourself with no shop experience, don't follow directions and cause the unit to be scratched, broken, unsaleable or badly defaced, or you will receive 50% of value or less and it won't be subject to a return refund if final inspection if it shows it was defaced because directions weren't followed or ignored. If in doubt - Shout out and I'll always be glad to help and/or troubleshoot when i'm available. Keep it real!