DryBell Effects


DryBell's story is something we always like to share as a reminder that every one of you should follow your dreams. It was the year 1996 when Zvonch (DryBell founder) started creating something that will become his obsession over the years. At first, he built and serviced amplifiers and guitar pedals for himself and friends. The results were great, many people were satisfied and the idea was born - to start his own brand, called DryBell. In the summer of 2009, a friend asked him to build him a small but fully functional photocell based Univibe pedal and after MANY hours, days, weeks, months he managed to create something that soon will be regarded as one of the best Univibe effects ever created.

It was a birth of the Vibe Machine.

The first batch of those pedals was quickly sold to friends who immediately spread the word all over the World and the magic has started. Many positive reviews, audio & video demos and comments, resulted in a great sales and DryBell began to grow. The Vibe Machine V-2, released in 2016, has brought never before seen features in a Univibe pedal and became even a bigger hit than it's predecessor V-1.

We’ve put our whole energy, knowledge, skills and our live experience into our newest creation Unit67 (that was released on September 19, 2018), the same like we did with the Vibe Machine series and we hope it will meet people's expectations and increase DryBell's presence even more.

As with all successful or potentially successful companies, the people are the key to success. DryBell has gathered a small but effective team of experienced professionals who are ultimately responsible for the satisfaction you experience every time you play a DryBell pedal. We have 5 members and several supporting members, we all are close friends from before DryBell began. We are also all musicians, all with varied gigging experience, some with a little, others with great professional rock careers since 1995!

We care a lot about our customers, so feel free to contact us any time and be assured we'll always be glad to help. Your DryBell packages will be shipped from our workshop, located in Krapina, Croatia, the same or the next working day after completed order and you'll receive all shipping info right after shipping.