Dood Craft Guitars

Dood Craft Guitars


Dood Craft Guitars is owned and operated by me - Capt James Nelson. Just call me James. I make guitars. I have been doing so, very casually, for about thirty years. I started with modifications, and learned how to make a guitar out of anything. Yup, my high school buddies and I were making PartsCasters before the name existed. Now, I design and make guitars right here in Chula Vista California. My best selling stock model (The Mandy) has a 3/4 sized body with a full sized 24 fret, 25.5" scale neck. Although I make the Mandy as a stock guitar, I can also make any Mandy Custom. Since I cut my guitars old school style, right here in Chula Vista, CA, every Dood guitar sports something special... a certain SoCal Style. I can make you a guitar to order, or you can have any guitar off the peg board.
Occasionally, I make my prototypes available. These are very special, because you can see where I made adjustments, hand rubbed the finish, and they truly are one-of-a-kind. The prototypes may not be cosmetically 100%, but they play very well, and really are fine instruments. Please ask if interested.
All of our guitars come with full intonation, neck, and action adjustment. The fretboard edges are rolled, and the frets are highly polished. If I won't play it, I won't purvey it.
Give a Dood a try and learn what Craft Guitars are all about.