Product Specs

  • Super Clean Buffer
  • White
  • 2019
Pedal Format
  • Mini

From the Price Guide

Reviews for the Xotic Super Clean Buffer 2019
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  • Verified Purchase

    Well originally I was interested in the Super Sweet boost but ended up with this and no regrets and very happy Perfect for my clean rythmm tones and solo work when my main OD is on Classic chip set too Great pedal

  • Verified Purchase

    Great pedal. I use it post-effects chain for my bass rig. Keeps my tone nice and clean without losing any dynamics. Highly recommend it.

  • Simple and sweet.

    Verified Purchase

    Enhances tone on any overdrive pedal or amp I put it in front of. Dip switch tweaks can turn this clean boost into a nice TS type overdrive and everything in between. The clean buffer is a nice bonus.

  • The Bag Of Chips

    Verified Purchase

    Treble booster, check! Mid cut, check Mid boost, check Bottom boost , check Bottom cut, check You tone is all that, this is the bag of chips! Hear your fave pedals in a new better way!