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Reviews for the Voodoo Lab Giggity
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  • Great All-purpose Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal. Use it for a preamp, a boost, or floor the gain and get a nice dirty crunch. Works especially well with my Sparkle Drive Mod. The key is the extensive EQ capabilities. It has forced a couple of other drives off my main board. Still discovering more ways to use it. Nice!

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  • Excellent!!

    Verified Purchase

    As a professional working guitarist, I find that the Giggity works very well as a preamp EQ from my Strat to my EVH 6L6 50 watt rig. In other words, the Giggity, with its various settings, has allowed me to expand the kinds of sounds I can get through my clean channel. It has become the must have pedal for my rig. I highly recommend you give it a try!!

  • Super outil

    Verified Purchase

    Super outil pour palier au manque de présence et médiums sur certaines fuzz face comme ma Eric Johnson. Un peu spécial à la prise en main mais on s’y fait vite!

  • Very good

    Verified Purchase

    Can give your amp extra options and effect the basic sound of the amp. Can go to boost\overdrive sound.

  • Verified Purchase

    Amazing value and extremely versatile! Will never sell