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Built in South Windsor, CT, the Telefunken C12 is a recreation of the original AKG C 12 (1953 - 1963, also sold OEM as Siemens SM203 / SM204).

As is the case with the original, the Telefunken C12 is built around microphone-grade NOS GE JAN 6072 tube, a Haufe T14 output transformer, and a newly manufactured CK12 capsule built from the original blueprints.

Whereas the AKG C 12 had a remote pattern selector in between the microphone and the PSU, the Telefunken build moves pattern switching right onto the front of the PSU.

Originally released by Telefunken in the 2000s as "Ela M12" with a couple different power supply options.

Product Specs

  • C12
  • Gray
  • 2010s