Video: Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo Demo

When Walrus Audio first hit the pedal scene, the Oklahoma collective focused on smaller format overdrives and distortions like the popular Voyager and Iron Horse. More recently though, the Walrus team has expanded its lineup with an ongoing series of larger box pedals that emphasize expansive sounds and flexible functionality. Examples include the unique Luminary Quad Octave Generator and Bellwether Analog Delay, and now the freshly minted Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo.

As Joe demonstrates in the video above, the Monument is a highly versatile Tremolo set to cover all your pulsing, warbling needs with one box. In addition to standard issue rate and depth knobs, the division control offers quarter, triplet, eighth and sixteenth rhythmic variations, while a shape knob allows you to select between sine, square, ramp, "lumps," and a randomized "monument" mode.

Perhaps most unique feature on the Monument, though, is the selectable "harmonic" mode. When engaged, this setting sends the low and high pass sections of your sound in opposite directions for a thick, warm effect that will cover your tone like a warm layer of fudge on the top of a sundae.


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