Video: Land Devices and Farm Pedals No Masters Fuzz Demo

This week, the East and West coasts are uniting with the release of the brand new No Masters fuzz—a stompbox collaboration from Main-based boutique builder Farm Pedals and California-based builder Land Devices. The No Masters is the brands' collaborative take on the famous Selmer Buzz Tone circuit.

The pedal features calling cards from each builder, especially when it comes to its controls. The volume on the left sweeps a wide sonic range, allowing players to blend the character of the No Masters with the natural character of their amp at any level. Next door to that is a voltage knob—3.5 volts on the left, six volts in the middle, and the classic nine volts at its max.

Farm's influence is specifically evident with the "No Masters" switch on the right. This switch works as a two-way depth control that lets players choose between a dirty, germanium overdrive or a thick aggressive fuzz.

With only a limited number of No Masters available from each builder, there's no saying how long this pedal is going to be around. So if you've been convinced, click here to buy yours from Farm Pedals or here to buy from Land Devices right now on Reverb.

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