Video: Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent HH Signature Guitar Demo

Last week, Ernie Ball Music Man released a brand-new, dual-humbucker version of its St. Vincent signature model. Featuring the same African mahogany and tremolo system of its predecessor, the 2018 St. Vincent model now features a baked maple neck, new finishes (like the Charcoal Sparkle seen in the video above), and two proprietary humbuckers in place of the original's three mini humbuckers.

When Andy was in Chicago, he joined some of the Reverb team to show off the new St. Vincent signature's wide tonal variations in a full-band setting. Running it through a Supro 1696RTH Black Magick Reverb, while switching between a few pedals like the Keeley Aria Compressor Drive and Dwarfcraft Devices Ghost Fax, the guitar was at turns shimmery, raunchy, and smooth.

Be sure to watch the full demo above to hear what the new St. Vincent can do. And click here to get your own right now on Reverb.

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