The MXR M292 Carbon Copy Deluxe expands one of the best-loved analog delays on the market with a host of features like longer delay time, chorus modulation, and a versatile tap tempo function.

  • Controls: Mix/Regen/Delay/Speed/Width knobs, Bright/Mod buttons, Tap Tempo button with visual display, Effect and Tap-Beat stomp switches

  • Functionality: 1.2 seconds delay time, bright and dark delay flavors, chorus modulation with speed and width control, Line/Instrument level switch, expression jack, Dry Kill switch

Product Specs

  • M292 Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay
  • Green
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the MXR M292 Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay
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  • Analog !

    Verified Purchase

    You can’t beat the tried and true.....this version is fantastic, tap tempo and expression bring the carbon copy the needed update. The best parts of this pedal comes to life when chained with another carbon copy Deluxe......through the expression port, your times get even better.

  • Amazing tone and amazing adjustments available.

    Verified Purchase

    Best I ever owned I know I prefer analog, beautiful decays, Note timing, Tap, brite switch, programable tap/expression preference, internal tweaks if ya want to and modulation effect to ad some shimmer. Sorry but I cant find anything bad about it yet. It really is a multi effect

  • Great delay!

    Verified Purchase

    This has all the feels of the original carbon copy with very practical upgraded "bells and whistles"; it's a great sounding, yet user-friendly delay.

  • Didn't ever think about selling my Carbon Copy... until Dunlop announced this!

    Verified Purchase

    The Carbon Copy, to me, is the greatest analog delay pedal ever made. My dream was for them to make a newer one with a tap tempo feature and years later it finally happened! Pros- - TAP-FREAKING-TEMPO - tap division! - Modulation feature is now on the front of the pedal! - You can see the speed of t…

  • Lush an rich

    Verified Purchase

    Beauitful modulated BBD tones. It sounds so amazing with bright and Mod engaged. You would do well to get an expression pedal for it, which allows you to morph between two presets, toe to heel. I could not be happier.