Video: Artists from Reverb's YouTube Videos Read Your Comments

Here at Reverb, our video team often works with artists to show you how to play famous riffs, to teach the fundamentals of their instrument, or to make short features—like Stewart Copeland: Where the Gods Live—that we hope will prove inspiring or entertaining to musicians.

But these efforts also lead to the humor and ire of the internet—with trolls, critics, and other assorted commenters letting us know that Copeland needs to chill, that William Kurk looks like a fictional prehistoric reptiloid, or to make a drumming joke to Jordan West that she’s heard a few too many times. Today, we’re letting these artists read your comments and respond.

In the video above, you can see Dweezil Zappa, J Mascis, Ashlee Juno, Andy Martin, Lara Somogyi, Daniel Donato, and more tell off the trolls, or, in some cases, just take the loss and move on. After watching their responses, check the list below to see just some of the videos we’ve put out with these talented folks on the Reverb YouTube channel over the past year.

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