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I think we can all agree that one of life's simple pleasures is admiring beautiful photography. Whether we're browsing through Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, it's always the gorgeous shots that slow our swiping thumbs to a halt.

Browsing Reverb is much the same way. We all have gear that we covet, and nothing is more spectacular than seeing one of those pieces perfectly posed in a variety of crystal clear snapshots.

Today at the Reverb HQ, we wanted to put together a short lookbook showcasing some of the best photography the site has to offer. With a mixture of single users' listings and brick–and–mortar shops with established aesthetics, you're sure to find something or somebody worth adding to your Reverb Feed.

Rogue Guitar Shop

Based in Bend, Oregon, Rogue Guitar Shop consistently uses the area's beautiful natural landscape as a breathtaking backdrop for their guitars. Where better to perch a pristine Gretsch White Falcon than in front of a running river surrounded by lush trees and green grass?

GroundSwell Pedalboards

GroundSwell Pedalboards is a small, family–run company based in Gainesville, Florida that makes pedalboards by hand to order. Their shop description states that they "see beauty in the details," and that sentiment rings true in their photography, which showcases their boards from every angle.

Effector Photo Library

Not every Reverb shop with consistently beautiful photography is a professional brick and mortar establishment. This shop based out of Tokyo, Japan is run by a magazine writer who writes about the pedals that he collects. His backdrops are often complementary in color to the pedal that he's shooting, and he makes sure to get detailed photos of each important component of the pedal.

The Upper Bout

Whether it's every angle of a Paul Reed Smith Sonzera posed in front of chalkboard–painted wall or a walnut–stained Gretsch 6122 Reissue posed in front of their brick wall of guitars, this Champaign, Illinois based shop consistently takes drool–inducing photos of each piece of gear it lists.

Angela Instruments

Good photography on Reverb isn't totally limited to gear that's sexy to begin with. Angela Instruments, an authorized parts dealer, takes such high quality photos of tubes that even I'm tempted to buy them despite having absolutely no use for the part.

Christopher Freedom

Here's another Reverb shop without a brick–and–mortar storefront, run by a guitar tech in Vancouver, Canada. Whether he's photographing a sE Electronics Tube Condenser Microphone or a vintage Warmoth Strat, all of his photos are clear and detailed.

Deluxe Amplification

Deluxe Amplification is a small shop in East Tennessee that designs and builds its own amplifiers. Most of the shop's amps are photographed from every angle, sitting on beautiful wood flooring. Creatively, the shop's small Ampoids amps made out of recycled Altoids tins and are often photographed on top of the face of full–sized amps with similar grill cloth.

Rock and Folk Vintage Guitars

It's not always about breathtaking backdrops. Against a solid black backdrop, this vintage guitar shop based in Bordeaux, France manages to capture every important angle of each of their vintage instruments. The store even placed a vintage Duo–Sonic II on a skateboard to pay homage to the kind of music the guitar is often associated with.

Nelson Drum Co.

Photographing an entire drum kit can be a tedious endeavor, from making sure you can capture the entire kit in one photo to then zeroing in on the other important angles. Tennessee–based Nelson Drum Co. is a great shop to look to when trying to tackle this kind of project for your own listings.

Patrick's Gear Outlet

We don't know much about this single seller because he doesn't have a shop bio, but we couldn't resist showcasing some of Patrick's photography. Detailed, well–lit, and crystal clear, the otherwise ordinary Reverber Patrick from London proves that anyone at all can showcase gear beautifully.

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