Watch Reverb's Gig From Home Performance Series

When the coronavirus closures first began to hit the live-music industry, we here at Reverb looked on as many of our favorite artists, friends, and peers had to cancel their tours or gigs.

Each week, you can catch emerging artists playing live sets on Reverb's Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels.

One way we thought we could directly help was to offer our social media and YouTube channels for online performances: Artists can give virtual concerts to our online audience, make some money, and sell some merch—while we all get to enjoy a great set.

Thus, our Gig From Home series was born. So far, we've been treated to performances from Ryley Walker, NNAMDÏ, Sierra Hull, Fee Lion, Lovesick Duo, Bloom Twins, and Suzi Analogue with many more in the works.

Every Tuesday at 7pm central, you can tune into Reverb's Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels to watch the latest Gig From Home. (Performances are simultaneously streamed on each platform.) On May 26, you can catch Celisse, a deft multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter whose talents have been recently witnessed on Gibson's stage at NAMM 2020 and performing alongside Lizzo on Saturday Night Live.

Check out all of our previous Gig From Home performances below.

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The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has an incredible range. You may recognize her as the guitarist for Lizzo (with Celisse's prominent use of an SG Custom leading us to write "The Resurgence of the Sister Rosetta Tharpe SG Custom"). But the multi-faceted performer has been on stages for everything from Broadway musicals to Trey Anastasio side projects.

While Celisse plays drums, violin, and a host of other instruments, in her Gig From Home performance, she traded off between incredible guitar work and piano balladry.

Suzi Analogue

Synesthesia is a fascinating condition that allows some people who experience it to "see" sounds. Suzi Analogue is one such person, and in her gig, she pays homage to this unique attribute through a soul-infused synth jam.

Surrounded by an installation by visual artist Haiiiileen, check out Suzi's performance to experience a feast of sound and vision.

Bloom Twins

If you're into lush harmonies and moody synths, look no further than the Ukrainian-born/London-based "dark pop" duo of Anna and Sofia Kuprienko, a.k.a. Bloom Twins.

Watch the video above, enjoy the music, and marvel at the incredible mirror-and-light show they created.

Lovesick Duo

When you think of the music of Bologna, Italy, you may not expect country & western and early American roots rock, but that's exactly what Bologna's Lovesick Duo delivers.

Catch their twangy, rollicking Gig From Home set.

Fee Lion

For her Gig From Home, Fee Lion didn't want to perform from the now-standard "artist in living room" livestream stage. Instead, she transformed her room with eerie visualizations that perfectly suit her dark electro pop.

Triggering sounds from an SP-404SX, she played tracks from her releases like /// 2, Blood Sisters, and more.

Sierra Hull

Like Marty Stuart or Ricky Skaggs before here, Sierra Hull was a mandolin prodigy at an early age, growing up on bluegrass stages. While still in her twenties, at this point, she's a seasoned veteran. For her Gig From Home, she showed off her range by playing her brand-new album, 25 Trips, in full, with a collection of instruments.

For more from Sierra, check out a series of mandolin videos she made with us covering: warm-up exercises; how to split-tune a mandolin; the differences between acoustic, electric, and octave mandolins; and how she developed her personal style.


NNAMDÏ is a genre-blending shape-shifter, a multi-instrumentalist that can play slinky emo guitar riffs and produce high-energy indie pop in equal measure. His Gig From Home performance arrived just days after his latest album, BRAT, was released—so he plays some fiery renditions of brand-new songs in addition to solo performances of older jams.

Learn more about the creation of BRAT in our interview with Nnamdi here.

Ryley Walker

Ryley Walker's fingerpicking stylings—influenced by the likes of Robbie Basho and John Martyn—can catch you off guard. With his delicate interplay and subtle mastery, he makes it look effortless. Then one moment and a flick of the wrist later, he's changed directions and opened up a new vista.

For more from Ryley, check out his 2016 tutorial video he made with us on stereo imaging for acoustic guitars—using multiple pickups and amps to create a wide stereo spread.

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