Video: Sierra Hull Teaches 3 Mandolin Warm-Up Exercises

On recent visits to the Reverb Studio, our pal Sierra Hull has shown us a lot of cool mandolins and a lot of cool mandolin licks. On her most recent session, Sierra's focus shifted to an important if oft-overlooked skillset for any musician to hone: warm-up exercises.

As you can see in the video above, a good warm-up routine is especially key when it comes to a precise and intricately played instrument like the mandolin.

Sierra first prescribes a scale exercise in the key of G that helps you move from low to high on the neck. The second exercise is meant to help you shift rapidly from your first position to a higher position on the fretboard, so that you can more easily switch between positions mid-song. The third treats each note of the scale as the start of its own movement, which can help you find other corresponding notes more quickly while soloing.

See her full exploration of warm-up techniques above, and if you're interested in getting started on the mando, click here for our picks on beginner mandolins. to begin your journey.

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