MXR Expands Classic Carbon Copy Delay with New Deluxe Version

Ever since its release in 2008, MXR’s Carbon Copy analog delay has become a standby on pedalboards across the universe, thanks to its high–quality bucket brigade circuitry at a price much nicer than the vintage options that were largely available at the time.

But the times have changed since then, with a massive boom in both the guitar pedal market and delay pedals themselves. MXR’s new Carbon Copy Deluxe acknowledges that as a savvy update to the original circuit. Though it’s decked out with more features, it still preserves that classic Carbon Copy charm.

On the tone front, the Carbon Copy Deluxe’s most exciting addition is a Bright mode that lends players snappier analog tones that were previously only available in MXR’s standalone Carbon Copy Bright pedal.

The Deluxe also gives players control over the modulation section (previously only accessible via internal trim pots) and adds tap tempo with a tap divide feature to switch between eighth, dotted eighth, triplet, and sixteenth subdivisions.

On top of all of this, the maximum delay time has been increased to 1.2 seconds via eight bucket brigade chips.

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