MXR M269SE Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay


Initially an exclusive for Pro Guitar magazine, the MXR Carbon Copy Bright Delay is a new twist on a classic: the Carbon Copy. The Carbon Copy Bright is a delay that -- you guessed it -- sounds far brighter and more shimmery in nature than its predecessor. With 600 milliseconds of pure analog delay, the Carbon Copy Bright offers up a whole host of awesome features, including enhanced frequency range and true bypass, giving players looking for more presence and less dark wash in their delay the pedal they've been looking for.

Product Specs

  • M269SE Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay
  • Green
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the MXR M269SE Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay
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  • Perfect but 50% Wet

    I love this pedal and its tonality, a bit like an Ibanez AD80 but cleaner less bit crushed with added modulation that has a wide range of flexibility via internal pots. Just wish it would go wetter, don't know if its just mine but it feels like 50% is the max fully dialled on the mix knob, just bums…

  • The very best

    Verified Purchase

    The best analog delay pedal for the money, great for live play too, really good in combination with the original one.

  • Great bright delay

    Sounds great to get the other side of the spectrum from the original carbon copy delay. It has a great surf or old school rock and roll sound to counter the original's dark ambient delay. I keep this one as a slapback delay and the original as a long delay and they both sound great and way different. Great purchase.

  • Brighter but still retains the analog tone.

    Verified Purchase

    I'm a MXR fanboy and already owned the original carbon copy before purchasing the bright version. The bright has more top end on the repeats which is great but will not replace the clear digital delay sound. The modulation feature is great. I need to use it more but I think I like it better than the…

  • Verified Purchase

    It's good.. Like the original better