Electro-Harmonix Expands Looper Line with Ambitious 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory

When guitarists and other musicians want to create layered productions on their own, they’ll likely grab a loop pedal like the TC Electronic Ditto or the Line 6 DL4—whose looping capabilities are fairly straightforward: starting or stopping a phrase, adjusting the dry/wet signal mix, and playing the phrases back at half-speed or in reverse.

While more complex loopers like the Boss RC-30 and RC-300 Loop Station give players greater options, Electro-Harmonix took a much different approach with its 45000 Stereo Multi Track Looper. This loop pedal is crafted like a small mixer, with dedicated faders and stereo-panning available to each track.

Today, EHX announced a greater advancement to this mixer-style loop pedal with the release of the 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory. It comes equipped with six tracks and one stereo mixdown track per loop.

With a 16 GB Micro SD card, you can record up to 375 minutes of music, layering as many phrases as you like on each track until you reach that limit. MIDI In/Out ports allow you to sync the pedal with other instruments or your computer, while a USB allows you to easily import and export audio files.

EHX demonstrates the new 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory

When creating and layering music, the faders and a stereo-panning knobs allow you to get the right levels and exact placement of all your different looped phrases. You can adjust the speed over a two-octave range, display the beat in bar-and-beat format, and apply quantize your beats if desired.

Check out the official demo from EHX above. The EHX 95000 is available on Reverb now.

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