The Electro-Harmonix 45000 is an ultra-advanced stereo looper with 4 tracks and bouncing capabilities to give you limitless looping possibilities. Each track of the 45000 has its own fader and stereo panning control to get the perfect balance for your complex compositions, with uncompressed CD-quality audio from input to output. Reverse recording and playback, 2-octave control of the loop speed, and an optional foot controller for hands-free pedalboard operation make the 45000 one of the most advanced loopers on the market.

Product Specs

  • 45000 Stereo Multi-Track Looper
  • Silver / Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix 45000 Stereo Multi-Track Looper
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  • Great looper

    Verified Purchase

    Bought this to replace its predecessor, an EHX 2880. No regrets -- this is a great pedal!

  • Mixed bag for me, but only unit that meets most of my needs.

    Verified Purchase

    So I can see where the multi-track features could be useful for a vocal looper person like Reggie Watts, but for me, a guitarist, the majority of those features are a total waste of money and pedalboard space, especially when considering that the aux pedal is an absolute requirement. So why did I ge…

  • Cons:

    Verified Purchase

    I had to return the Looper as it was faulty and did not work. I am looking forward to obtaining one that works.

  • Intuitive, fun and inspiring. More lo-fi sound than expected.

    Verified Purchase

    This is my first looper though I have a hard time imagining moving to anything else as this does exactly what I imagined and more. The octave and reverse options are odd additions that I'm very grateful as it can take the whole mix into a whole new realm. Overall, it is very intuitive and fun to u…

  • Not quite perfect..

    Verified Purchase

    I'm taking off a star for a lack of a display. I wish there was a way to see where in the loop you are. The ehx 720 has the loop progress feature, so I'm surprised this doesn't have it. Other than that, I really love this looper.