Crea-Re is proud to presents the new collection of eco handmade bags for musical instruments.


Crea-Re offers self-designed and handmade products.
Name of our brand derives from creation, creativity “CREA” and from recycling “RE”. Indeed we focus mainly on the process of creation, creativity of our ideas and on the recycling of used or unwanted objects and materials.


We use eco-friendly materials and re-use materials such as: truck tarpaulins, advertising banners, bike inner tubes, paragliding wires, climbing wires, car seat belts.

All these materials have in common:

Water resistancy
Difficulties in ecological recycling

Our design is specifically thought to elevate the range of these materials and create unique and ecological design objects.

Each product designed by Crea-Re is based on a few but important golden rules:

Comfort and practicality in use
Portability in travel
Optimal ratio of light weight / resistance
Optimal protection of the instrument with reinforcements at critical points
Weather resistance
Uniqueness of every single bag


All materials used to create a bag are of regional origin, a KM 0. None of our materials makes unnecessary trips.

The materials are cleaned in an environmental friendly way by hot water and frozen dew, and products such as vinegar, baking soda and home soap.

Each model is designed to be unique.

All materials are cut and assembled by hand.

Sewing is entrusted to the expert hands of Mrs. Teresa and her stuff.


Each material is carefully examined to check its integrity, strength and durability

The zippers are resistant to thousands and thousands of opening and closing

The accessories are designed and chosen to tackle traction and extreme weights


In Crea-Re we are not only designers, but also, Art Historian, musician and music therapist too. So we merge in synesthetic way music and bag creation.

Which music? From classical music to metal and electronic music. Inspiration comes from geometric abstraction, Cut Up technique, Cubism and Suprematism.

About patterns and bags composition: while cutting the elements for bags we consult the composition of lines and colors of each bag with Stanislaw Koba (painter) and Maria Wasilewska (sculptor, Fine Art professor). In this way 4 different people co-work together giving the bags a wider personality.