Gear of NAMM 2023: The Latest & Greatest New Product Announcements

The NAMM musical instruments industry trade show returns to Anaheim April 13, but the new gear announcements are already coming in fast.

The annual convention has been a launching pad for new products for decades, as most of the industry's attention turns to the showroom floor and all the exciting gear on display.

As is always the case, new gear announcements come in hot even in the days and weeks leading up to the event.

Stay tuned on this page now through the end of the convention, as we'll continually add the most exciting announcements here as they happen.

T-Rex Finally Unveils the Binson Echorec

Check out the T-Rex Binson Echorec from the NAMM floor.

After eight long years of development, T-Rex has finally unveiled their Binson Echorec—one of the most masterful and feature-rich recreations of the legendary effect. It features two recording heads with short and long delays and adjustable drum speed, four switchable playback heads with their own level adjustments, balanced I/O, and a vacuum tube indicator for input signal levels.

Get the new: Preorder coming soon.
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Polyend's Game Boy-Like Tracker Mini

Check out the new Polyend Tracker Mini from the NAMM floor.

Maybe it's the nostalgic pull of a Game Boy-like device. Maybe it's that the fan-favorite Tracker's sampling and sequencing is now packed into the size of a toy. But Polyend's Tracker Mini had won over everyone's hearts before it was even officially unveiled.

It amounts to a smaller and more compact Tracker but, in some ways, it's even more powerful than its larger, older sibling. "Only small in size," as Polyend says, the Tracker Mini is a portable, standalone audio workstation with eight tracks of sequencing, built-in mic, and an array of sampling and sound design tools.

Get the new: Not available until summer.
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Learn more: Video: How I Learned To Love the Polyend Play.

The Revv D25: A Real Tube Amp Packed with IR Functionality

Check out the Revv D25 from the NAMM floor.

The new Revv D25 amp is based on the same circuit as its smaller D20 sibling but, being a combo, packs more headroom with more complex top-end. It also features built-in reverb and a footswitchable gain boost. It features an all-tube front-end but is packed with IR functionality, so players can run it as a classic 25-watt combo, bypass the speaker and go straight into the soundboard, or do both at the same time. The new Revv D25 will be available later this month for $1899.

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Modbap Modular Announces Meridian Module

Check out this video with Corry Banks from Modbap Modular introducing Meridian.

Modbap Modular is adding to the NAMM announcement festivities with Meridian, a 14HP dual multimode filter. Meridian is designed to offer users a choice between various selectable filter types and filter modes, with two filter cores that may be used in parallel or series allowing users to easily create an array of sound textures from one filter module. For more about the latest Modbap Modular release, check out their announcement video above.

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4MS Launch Affordable DIY & Pre-Built Line of Modules

Check out the new 4MS affordable DIY and pre-built sampler and looping modules.

4MS introduced two new modules at NAMM this year that can be purchased either as a DIY kit or prebuilt for those not interested in soldering. The first module, the Sampler, is a variation of the existing Stereo Triggered Sampler—a simpler, one-channel, stereo-out module that operates with an SD card loaded with your sample banks of choice. The second module, the Looping Delay, is another simpler variation of the brand's Dual Looping Delay. The Sampler will be available for $199 (kit version) and $299 (pre-built), and the Looping Delay for $175 (kit version) and $275 (pre-built). 4MS is planning on releasing more modules in this affordable new series down the line, so stay tuned.

Get the new: Coming soon..
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Create Your Virtual Pedalboards Multiverse from Aviate Audio

Checking out the Aviate Audio Mulitiverse.

The Multiverse by Aviate Audio is multi-effect that allows you to essentially create several of your own custom pedalboards, exactly how you want them, that you can apply to the physical pedal as presets for cycling through at the show. The software also features developer options that allow players to engineer their own audio effects, test them out, and publish them with Aviate Audio into a library that's accessible for all pedal users to download from.

Get the new: Coming soon.

The New Soma Terra: A Charcuterie Board of Synthesis

Soma's Terra is a Wild Micro-Tonal Synthesizer | NAMM 2023

We had a chance to stop by the Soma Labs NAMM booth to see the new, yet-unreleased Soma Terra. The wildly innovative instrument hides is a complex polyphonic, microtonal synth engine hidden under a simple, natural-feeling interface. Its keyboard features 12-note sensors with velocity and pressure-sensitivity and covers the full range of a grand piano. From the Terra, players can coax everything from classical tones to otherworldly noise.

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Martin's StreetLegend D-18 / D-28 & Authentic D-28 1937 Aged

Check out some of Martin's new 2023 lineup from the NAMM floor.

Martin continues to explore and expand on their lineage with a variety of new offerings, and we got to check out a few on the NAMM floor. Some of the new for 2023 guitars include the budget-friendly StreetLegend series, which uses an innovative screen printing process to create relic’d looks from Martin’s vault on popular models. We also checked out the new Authentic D-28 1937 Aged, which uses modern exotic woods, vintage specs, and meticulous aging processes to recreate a pre-war Martin.

Get the new: Martin D-18 StreetLegend, D-28 StreetLegend, Authentic D-28 1937 Aged
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Expressive E's New Expressive Osmose Synth

Check Expressive E's new Osmose from the NAMM floor.

The magnificent minds at Expressive E have created an immensely powerful and super sleek synthesizer that takes musical expression to the next level. At first glance, the Osmose looks like a classic standalone synth. But the extra twist is that the second you touch a key, the synth makes sounds unlike a traditional keyboard that requires enough of a key press to bring the hammer down. Not only that, but how you press the key also allows you to control and change its pitch. We checked this one out on the NAMM floor, watch above.

Get the new: Expressive E Osmose.
Shop all: Expressive E. Release Pedal Versions of the Ghost & Golden Master

On the NAMM floor at the booth, checking out the Ghost and Golden Master. have released an expansive pedal version of their Ghost Eurorack module, made in collaboration with Andrew Huang. Also new for 2023 is the Golden Master—a powerful multi-band compressor that is a rare bird in the pedal world. Both of these pedal adaptations have deep functionality and features and are built with the highest quality in mind.

Get the new: Not available until autumn.
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Death By Audio Releases Disturbance Lockable LFO Modulator

Check out the new Death By Audio Disturbance Lockable LFO Modulator from the NAMM floor.

Death By Audio has just unveiled a brand new pedal on the NAMM floor: the Disturbance Lockable LFO Modulator. This super unique pedal is a filter, flanger, and phaser all in one that also allows players to freeze the LFO for absolutely otherworldly sounds. Another key feature on this pedal is an expression in and CV output that players can use to freeze other pedals in the chain. The new DBA Disturbance will be available starting on May 25 for $250.

Shop all: Death By Audio.

Electro-Harmonix/JHS Unveils New Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz

Check out the new Electro-Harmonix Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz from the NAMM floor.

In collaboration with Josh Scott of JHS, Electro-Harmonix has just unveiled the new Lizard Queen—a nano-sized octave fuzz inspired by EHX’s ‘70s fuzz legends. The original Lizard Queen circuit was designed by Josh Scott and graphic designer Daniel Danger who teamed up a few years back to replicate ‘70s EHX tone in a monstrous box for an episode of The JHS Show. Fans were so into the design and sound that JHS teamed up with EHX officially to bring a standard-size version of the Lizard Queen to the masses.

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Guild Debuts New Surfliner Deluxe

Listen to the new Guild Surfliner Deluxe.

Guild released the affordable offset Surfliner model last year, adding a dual humbucker-equipped version earlier this year. New for NAMM is the third and most elevated model in the series, the Surfliner Deluxe. This new model introduces Guild's new Floating Vibrato Tailpiece system that pays homage to the golden era offset bridge systems and features an easily accessible tension screw. Another upgrade this model features is its fretboard, which is made of roasted maple (the first Guild guitar to use this neck material) and features a bound rosewood fingerboard with block inlays.

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Apogee Releases New Jam X Interface for Guitarists

Introducing Apogee's new Jam X interface.

Apogee has just debuted its newest audio interface, the Jam X, which is available now. The new plug-and-play interface is geared for guitarists, offering 24-bit/96 kHz audio quality and a built-in analog compressor—a first for the Jam series. To keep things simple, the compressor offers three modes: Smooth Leveler Purple Squeeze, and Vintage Blue Stomp. The new Jam X also comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite and a 60-day trial of the Tim Henson Archetype Neural DSP plugins.

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Hammond Promises B-3 Sound From New, Lightweight XK-4

Introducing the new Hammond XK-4 Organ.

Hammond has brought its newest offering, the XK-4 Organ, to the NAMM floor this year. It promises the "sound, the soul, [and] the feel" of the brand's legendary vintage B-3 organ in a modern, 20-pound package. The organ features 91 virtual tone wheels, drawbars, touch-responsive percussion, chorus/vibrato, and a built-in newly designed digital Leslie. See the video above for a full feature breakdown.

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Jackson Debuts Pro Series Signature Mark Heylmun Rhoads

Watch Mark Heylum debut and explore his signature Jackson Rhoads RR24-7.

Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylum is getting their own Jackson Rhoads RR24-7 signature model, freshly debuted today. Heylum worked with the Custom Shop to create this modern take on the offset Rhoads shape, designed for speed, precision, and accuracy. The guitar features a 26.5-inch scale and 24 jumbo frets with no inlays. Its Nyatoh body is packed with active Fishman Fluence Modern PRF-MH7 humbuckers in the bridge and neck position and features a Floyd Rose 1000 series bridge for tuning stability.

Get the new: Jackson Pro Series Signature Mark Heylmun Rhoads RR24-7.
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IK Multimedia Unveils AXE I/O One Audio Interface

An overview of the new AXE I/O One audio interface.

IK Multimedia has just unveiled a new one-in-three-out USB-C audio interface called the AXE I/O. Designed for guitar and bass players, the AXE I/O One has features like a JFET input for enabling warm, tube-like sounds, as well as a dedicated Amp Out port. The interface comes bundled with thousands of AmpliTube 5 SE presets and TONEX SE models, with the latter giving players the option to convert their real rig into a plugin. The AXE I/O One is also extremely affordable, at just $130 new.

Get the new: IK Multimedia AXE I/O One.
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Learn more: Video: Introducing the IK Multimedia AmpliTube ToneX Pedal.

EVH Unveils Updates to 5150 Iconic Combo Series Amplifiers

Check out this video presenting the New EVH 5150 Iconic Series Combos.

EVH announced the 5150 60W 2 x 12 and the 5150 15W 1x10 Iconic Series combo amps. With dual channels and unique voicings, these combos offer the ultimate versatility for any playing style. Not only that, but the control panel includes shared EQ, global resonance and presence knobs, and a global reverb control to add the perfect amount to your tone. For a full rundown of specs, check out the video above.

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Peavey Releases 6505 Synergy Module

Check out this video featuring Jeff Loomis on the Synergy Peavey 6505 Module.

Synergy partnered with the Peavey engineering team and spent over two years working collaboratively to capture the 6505’s tone, feel, and response in an all-tube preamp module. This module features two identical channels—Crunch and Lead—that are capable of producing bluesy leads to hard aggressive cuts, respectively. It also features a three-position cathode select switch to configure the input tube bias setting. Check out their video with Jeff Loomis for more. Available now for $399.

Get the new: Synergy Peavey Dual Channel Preamp Module.
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Neumann Announces MT 48 Interface

Check out this announcement video of Neumann’s MT 48 Interface.

Neumann, maker of superior microphones, now leaps into audio interface development with the new MT 48. Built in tandem with Swiss tech giant Merging Technologies, this marvel is designed to revolutionize digital recording sound quality. It features a touchscreen mixer to complement two low-noise mic/line preamps, offering up to 78 dB gain, plus two line/instrument inputs and four line outputs.

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Gibson Offers Retro Wine Red Finish for Les Paul '70s Deluxe

Les Paul '70s Deluxe, Wine Red.
Les Paul '70s Deluxe in Wine Red. Photo by Five Star Guitars.

Mini-humbuckers, full-weight body, and now with era-appropriate Wine Red finish: the '70s-style Les Paul Deluxe is truly back. Expanding the Les Paul '70s Deluxe model first offered in 2021, the guitar's been given a new life with the retro-tastic Wine Red finish. And the clear, powerful tone? Just as great as ever.

Get the new: Les Paul '70s Deluxe.
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Squier Retires Bullet Series, Launches Sonic

Squier Sonic Series.
The Squier Sonic Series. Photo by Fender.

It's the end of an era at Squier. The long-running Bullet series, a top beginner's choice for many years, has been retired. But there's no time to be upset: the Sonic series is an inspired successor. Featuring the same Strats and Teles of the bygone Bullets, it also includes fresh takes on both, Mustang offsets, a P-Bass and Bronco Bass, and bright new finishes.

Check out each new guitar here:

Gibson & Kirk Hammett Reissue Famous "Greeny" Burst

Kirk Hammett discusses the recreation of Greeny in Gibson's announcement video.

One of the most storied Les Paul Bursts of all times is being reissued, again, in collaboration with its latest caretaker. A few years back, Metallica's Kirk Hammett became the proud owner of Greeny, a '59 Burst famously owned by Gary Moore and (its namesake) Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac before him.

Now, it's available in a new $19,999 Custom Shop version, relic'd by the Murphy Lab (similar to the older Collector's Choice #1 Custom Shop reissue—but as of April 11, it will be available in a lower-priced production run as well.

Get the new: Gibson Custom Collector's Edition Kirk Hammett "Greeny" .
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Catalinbread's "Love Letter to the Flanger": STS-88

Check out 60 Cycle Hum's fantastic demo of the STS-88

Catalinbread calls its new STS-88 "a love letter to the flanger," which ended up containing quite the embellishment: a deep, cavernous reverb. Incorporating everything they love about classic flangers like Boss HF-2, EHX Electric Mistress, Effectron ADM256, and MXR Flanger/Doubler, the folks at Catalinbread took it one big step further by adding its own reverb. The results? Otherworldly.

Get the new: STS-88.
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Learn more: Andy's Vintage Picks Video: The 1983 Boss BF-2 Flanger.

Marshall Reissues Blues Breaker & More Fan-Favorite Pedals

Hear all four of the classic drive reissues.

Marshall's The Guv'nor, ShredMaster, DriveMaster, and—especially—the BluesBreaker from the '80s and '90s became very popular after they were discontinued or morphed into different circuits. (As with many gear resurgences, you can thank John Mayer for the BluesBreaker's.) Now, Marshall has reissued them true to their original specs.

Get the new: The Guv'nor, ShredMaster, DriveMaster, BluesBreaker.
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Warm Audio Releases Newest Outboard Offering, the WA-MPX

Four affordable Warm Audio preamps, compared.

The most recent addition to Warm Audio’s affordable line of outboard gear is the new WA-MPX tube mic preamp. All of these outboard offerings are inspired by classic designs of the past, and the WA-MPX takes after studio-staple Ampex preamps from the 1950s. It can provide users with a full range of analog tone, from clean volume to totally saturated tube-driven distortion. The WA-MPX is offered as either a single-channel or dual-channel unit and is available now.

Get the new: Warm Audio WA-MPX and WA-2MPX.
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Learn more: Video: Warm Audio's Affordable Outboard Lineup & The New WA-MPX Pre.

D'Angelico Unveils New Melanie Faye DC Signature

Introducing the Deluxe Melanie Faye DC from D'Angelico Guitars.

D'Angelico Guitars has unveiled a limited edition run of the new Deluxe Melanie Faye Signature DC. It's a stunning semi-hollow recreation of Faye's first D'Angelico guitar with some notable upgrades. Its deep cutaways allow for easy access to the full rosewood fingerboard. It's packed with Kent Armstrong 57 Icon humbuckers and is available in a Metallic Surf Green finish. Only 50 of these pieces will be produced worldwide.

Shop all: D'Angelico Guitars.
Learn more: Video: Hollowbody vs. Semi-Hollowbody vs. Chambered Guitar Bodies.

Roland Announces SH-4D Synthesizer

SH-4d Demo by Roland (Sounds Only)

Introducing the newest member of the renowned SH line from Roland—the SH-4d desktop synthesizer. This virtual analog synth is capable of running on AA batteries or USB power. It also contains 11 oscillator models meant to recreate classic Roland synths such as the SH-101 and Juno-106, as well as a rhythm oscillator built for drum and percussive sounds. The Roland SH-4d is crafted with the knob-tweaker in mind, designed for motion recording possibilities as well as an array of effects. Preorders for the SH-4d are available now for $649, and Roland estimates that units will begin shipping in March.

Get the new: Roland SH-4d.
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Gibson Announces Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior

Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior in Vintage Ebony Gloss.
Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior in Vintage Ebony Gloss.

Basket cases rejoice: Gibson has joined forces with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong to launch his signature Les Paul Junior, following in the footsteps of an Epiphone signature of the same guitar design in 2021. Gibson's higher-end take boasts an all-mahogany build with a glued-in neck, and is available in an option of a Vintage Ebony Gloss or a Silver Mist finish. Both guitars feature 12" radius rosewood fingerboards with 22 medium-jumbo frets—each counted out with acrylic dot inlays—and a high-performance, hum-canceling single P-90 DC dog-ear pickup. To top it off, these guitars ship in a special signature hot-pink hardshell case lined with animal print fur.

Get the new: Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr.
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Danelectro Introduces '59 Triple Divine Guitar

Danelectro ‘59 Triple Divine Guitar.
Danelectro ‘59 Triple Divine Guitar.

Danelectro has announced the newest member of their family: the '59 Triple Divine is equipped with three vintage lipstick pickups, an adjustable bridge, a five-way switch (with a bridge pickup wired slightly hotter), and a semi-hollowbody take on that short-horn double cutaway we all know and love. Its bolt-on maple neck features a flat radius fingerboard with 21 frets and is topped off with Gotoh 15:1 tuners. It's available in four color variants—Red, Black, Blue Metallic, and Dark Burgundy—and is available to ship now at $699.

Get the new: Danelectro ‘59 Triple Divine Guitar.
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Noise Engineering Releases Yester Versio Module

Check out this official launch video of the Yester Versio by Noise Engineering.

The Yester Versio is a module featuring wavefolding, pitch-shifting, and syncable three-tap delays that aims to bring plenty of character and depth to your patches. It adds to the ever-growing list of modules and interchangeable firmwares on the Versio platform, and true to Noise Engineering's name, it features three distinct controls—Time, Regen, and Pan—each with its own personality that puts a creative spin on digital delays. Firmware is currently free for existing owners of this system, but the module will cost $393 for new customers. It comes in either black or silver panels and they're expected ship by the end of the month.

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