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This 65 Amps royal albert has ended. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:
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one of a kind. custom western tolex. the royal albert is now a custom shop only amp . based off an old selmer treble and bass 50. tubes are 2 el34's and 2 12ax7s. the cab is loaded with a celestion gold. the mid control can be bypassed. the amp is extremely light. mercury transformers. sozo caps. point to point hand wired. made in hollywood.
45 watts of power


Product Specs

65 Amps
royal albert
Western Custom
Guitar Heads, Boutique Amps
Made In:
United States

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chris's Shop
Joined Reverb: Jul 02, 2013
Santa Clarita, CA

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  • Cash

please email me if interested and we can work out shipping if needed

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  • Available for local pickup from Santa Clarita, CA
  • Ships from Santa Clarita, CA
  • $75.00 to United States

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