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World Music Supply is your one stop shop for outstanding values on a broad selection of music equipment. Whether you are looking for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amps, drum…
About World Music Supply

World Music Supply is your one stop shop for outstanding values on a broad selection of music equipment. Whether you are looking for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amps, drum sets, recording equipment or just about anything else, you will find it at World Music Supply and at a great price.

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Shipping Policy


Most orders above $100 are eligible to receive free shipping.

Free Shipping applies to all orders shipping to the 48 contiguous United States (and some military shipments). Orders from Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and all international orders are typically shipped via USPS and are not free. If an order does not qualify for free shipping, please contact us (See Contact Number below) for an accurate shipping quote.

Please note, prices for US Postal shipments to Canada and military shipments overseas can vary drastically. We will ship Military orders free freight as long as the costs are in line with normal domestic shipments. If freight costs are excessive, which is often the case with FPO shipments, we reserve the right to re-quote freight cost. Due to USPS weight and size restrictions, there are some items that are simply to large and / or heavy to ship this way. We will always call for approval and to discuss options before making any changes.

If there are any concerns about your purchased item(s), please contact us and request an inspection of the item by one of our experts (See Contact Number below). We will be more than happy to send pictures, do full function and quality control tests, and face time during the inspection process, when requested.

We believe in saving the planet, so we recycle boxes. Some item(s) may arrive in a lightly used recycled box with markings different from the brand ordered.


Do not refuse any shipment. If a shipment is refused, the receiving party will be responsible for all costs. These costs include, but are not limited to the original shipping fees, return shipping fees, restocking fees, refusal fees, and any additional shipping cost to reship. Any shipment that is not accepted, refused a signature, missed all delivery attempts, provided incorrect information, and is returned to our facility, will not reship for free.


Our primary carrier is Fed Ex. We will use other carriers from time to time for certain circumstances (such as international orders). Some items may ship directly from a manufacturer, utilizing their preferred carrier.



Return Policy

New Items

Returnable within 30 days of delivery.

Used & Vintage Items

Returnable within 3 days of delivery.

General Terms

Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

Special Conditions

Please read the following policy before ordering.
Order Cancelations:
Customers wanting to cancel an order before it ships may do so as follows:
If it has not been packaged and processed through our shipping department then there is no fee and a full refund shall be given. (we ship pretty quick so decide quickly).

Once an item has been processed through our shipping department we then have costs in the transaction. Someone must process the order, pick the item, package it up, generate the shipping label, and put it on our dock for pickup. If an order is canceled at this point we have to pay someone to dig through the pallets on our shipping dock to find it (which can take some time and may not possible), unpackage it, return it to inventory, reverse the sale in our system and issue a refund. etc. There are real costs in that, therefore we charge a cancelation fee ONLY on already processed orders awaiting pickup to cover our costs. The already processed item cancelation fee (waived if not processed yet) is 5% with a minimum of $15.00 and a maximum of $35.00 cancelation fee (this does not apply to any other fees)

RETURN AN ITEM(S): (30 days on new items / 3 days on used items)
1. Call us for an RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization). See Contact Number below.
2. Pack your item(s) securely with all materials intact exactly as you received it. If the item shows any wear or scratches at all or if packaging is ripped or torn and not neatly cut open, or you don't have all the packaging or original materials, STOP and call us! Its not returnable for a full refund in this condition because we cannot resell it as new and must sell it as used or other condition. In this case the refund would be deducted down to a used item (up to 50%).
2. Customer shall have 30 days from the date of purchase (not the date received) for the return to be processed and tendered to the shipper of customer’s choice for return. If an item is shipped on or before 30 days it shall be considered a valid return. If your return is approved and you wait till after 30 days your return request has expired and is now null and void and the item is NO LONGER RETURNABLE. It is the customers responsibility to return items within the time period. We do not issue exceptions to this policy. Customers who ship items despite the 30 days expiring may have their shipment refused (return to sender) or may incur a restocking fee up to 50%. Please write the RMA # on the return label, NOT on the box. We recycle our boxes and charge for any box written on by the customer.
3. Once the item(s) have been received and inspected, any refunds, replacements, exchanges, etc... will be authorized and completed by our staff and processed.
4. Shipping is a service that was provided that has a real cost and that cost must be returned to us as well. Free shipping isn’t free if there no longer is a purchase, if you return / undo a sale, then we must undo the free shipping. Therefore, shipping costs will be deducted from any and all refunds regardless of your reason for return.

As long as the item(s) are returned in the EXACT same condition and EXACT packaging in same condition as received within 30 days of the PRUCHASE DATE, we do not charge a restocking fee (shipping costs are still deducted from refunds). If there are any scratches at all, signs of wear, peeled off protective coatings, missing or altered packaging, or customers sending an item back without letting us know in advance that it is NOT in the EXACT packaging and condition as shipped may be deducted up to 50% or refund may be refused and customer shall be responsible for getting the item back, or paying for shipping back. Items returned that are refused a refund for reasons stated in this policy will be considered abandoned if return to customer arrangements have not been made within 30 days.

In the rare event we have sent an incorrect item, please contact us immediately (See Contact Number below). We will issue a label for customer to return the item to us to drop off at a depot.

We have less than 1/2% damage rate! But, just in case, Below are some helpful and important guidelines.
1. YOU HAVE 72 HOURS to inform us from the time of delivery that there is damage.
2. Do not refuse a shipment. (Even if the driver says to)
3. Immediately open, document (pictures), and inspect all shipments.
4. A damaged box does not mean a damaged product. (you cannot file a damage claim on a beat up box if the product is not damaged. Not wanting it because of a damaged box is not a defect or grounds for return exceptions. (Boxes are intended to take the abuse so the product doe not and are disposable after 30 days).
5. If damage is found, call us immediately and we will resolve the situation.
*We reserve the right to refuse damage claims outside of 72 hours after delivery, so please inspect all items immediately upon delivery, even if it is a gift to be given at a later point.

All damaged item(s) must be shipped and received by our facility before the replacement product(s) will be released for shipment. If the replacement item(s) need to be expedited prior to our facility receiving the damaged item(s), full payment for the replacement item(s) will be required. The cost of the original damaged item(s) will be refunded as soon as our facility receives and inspects them. We do NOT replace items via express shipping unless paid for by the customer.

Allow 2-4 business days (from delivery at our location) for returns to be inspected, restocked, and processed for refund. Refunds can take up to 4 days to show on your credit card once processed.

Unlikely but maybe? Definitely not for a full refund. This would be considered on a case by case basis.

Guitars and musical products can be made of wood and can change when the climate / humidity or environment it is located in changes. If weight is shown, it is the weight on OUR scale at the time it was weighed. That is what we are showing, and that is all. We make no claim either express or implied that another scale wont possibly show a slightly different weight. We will NOT debate that your scale is right and ours is wrong. Our scales are UPS / Fedex Certified scales. Weight should be considered approximate and for reference only. If you weigh it on a different scale that shows a slightly different weight it is NOT grounds for and "item not as described" claim or return exceptions. If weight is a major issue for you please call and ask that it be weighed again at the time of purchase (but this still will not change the weight policy). Please contact us at the number below and we will advise whether an issue is standard setup / maintenance or a defect. You may return your item per this policy, however, we DO NOT provide for return shipping, return shipping labels, or pay return shipping. Setup & adjustment upon delivery is something that is the customers responsibility. Even if we did a custom setup here, it could change after it ships. Setup should always be done after a guitar acclimates to its new environment. Statements from your friends, your guitar tech, or “your luthier” will not factor into any matter unless they are a factory authorized service center. Manufacturers have what is called acceptable tolerance levels. These tolerances are for them to decide what passes and what does not. Your personal tolerances and expectations may be more or less stringent or different than the manufacturer and thus the manufacturer’s QC will take precedence. Additionally if a little buffing compound is left in a crack, joint, or tight spot it is not a defect. It just needs to be wiped off. This is common for some reason on bolt on neck bolts (especially Ibanez).

Used Items are sold as is without warranty and are returnable up to 3 days from delivery. All used items may show signs of wear, use, scratches, fret & fretboard wear, dings, tarnish, paint chips or issues, bubbles, stickers & goo, finish dulling, or physical or mechanical deterioration found with used items. Parts including screws, nuts, tuners, pickups, or any part of the guitar may have been upgraded, repaired, replaced, modified, or altered from its original new state. Used guitars may have looser fitting screws or parts from use that may require a drop of glue, tightening, or filler at some point such as strap button screws that wear over time. It is NOT a new item so claims that it or any part is not “as in its new state” will not be valid as a return claim. If you cant see anything mentioned above in the photos from several feet back with the naked eye then its not something we are going to point out and is part of buying a used item. Pots on used items may need lubricated or may have been swapped out. A used item may for example develop a scratchy pot from sitting without use and need some lubricant. That is not a defect. It is maintenance. All parts on a used item likely will have wear that can degrade over time and does not render a guitar defective.

Manufacturer included accessories such as cables, tools, allen wrenches, paperwork, certificates, covers, power suppliers, optional accessories, cases, bags, hang tags, etc are not included unless clearly shown. Used items may or may NOT come with a case regardless of whether the manufacturer included it when it was new because we have no control over whether it comes in with a case at the time of trade-in or used purchase, or what case for that matter? Our policy on cases for used items is simple. If we get a case with it, or if we have one laying around it may or may not be included for the sole purpose of adding additional shipping protection. All cases on used items are thrown in as a free item and shall have no value and is not part of the price or item. We would rather throw in for free and ship a guitar in a case that is beat up with broken latches taped closed and a missing a handle than just carboard. Keep it or throw it away, but it was only included as a free item. Sometimes cases are perfect. It is luck of the draw on used items with cases. We do not warranty used case condition and make no claims either expressed or implied in wording or photos to its condition or functionality. If the quality of the used case is important, then please call us and we can discuss its case other case options.
We reserve the right to open and inspect any item before shipping and do so with almost all items. The majority of items are opened and inspected, so it is likely it was touched by a staff member and is re-taped. If you want an item in a factory sealed box, untouched by us, please call and request this in advance, however, you are responsible for all costs incurred that could have been prevented by inspecting and discovering a problem. If you disallow us to inspect it, you are responsible for all costs if something isn't right. We don’t recommend this unless you really want something never touched or seen but that comes with risks. We can’t pay for a problem we could have and should have caught and prevented. Basically, a sealed item is asking us to skip all quality control and inspection.

Exchange only items include: Custom made items, modified items, microphones (wireless or wired) headphones, earbuds, or any item that comes in close proximity to the mouth, lips, ears, sweat, body fluids, etc due to health reasons, all recording devices, any perishable item, cymbals, guitar pickups, any form of consumable or fluids, fog smoke or haze machines or parts. Some oversized items and items that are problematic to get back into the box or require assembly upon delivery including acoustic or electronic drum sets, PA Speakers, Guitar Cabinets, Guitar Packages, Light trussing, all rigging and structural items or items with features for hanging, lifting, suspending, or mounting or any item over 50lbs. These items are exchange only for the same model if defective.


Make sure to check the return policy on each individual listing as some items may be sold "As-Described" and not eligible for a return.

Tax Policies

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