Handmade / homemade with craft & care, short run and/or one-only COMFORT guitar straps for bass, acoustic or electric, as many strings you wanna strum. I also sell uniquely fun toggle plate poker chips, GAME-CHANGING oversize jumbo strap buttons, and my on take (if slightly overbuilt) on the old school leather guitar strap lock assembly. All these things put smiles on faces and generally improve the guitarin' lives of men & women far 'n wide. Read the feedback... I'm a very stable genius, apparently!

My straps are fully designed, assembled and finished in my deep backwoods StrapLab, where I am dedicated to bring guitarists a more comfy / beautiful strap. Try a lot of new things to kill neck dive and comfort/balance issues nudging strap-craft towards the future. Well-Hung guitar straps are made out of all kinds of found materials, leather hides, amplifier grill, truck seats and exotic fabrics from far away lands. The really cool stuff costs some dough but rest assured in this statement: after my goods arrive and are put to your own good use, most customers are blown away by the value, comparative to what they have received from other outfits.

Most all my Well-Hung guitar straps will adjust about four or more inches longer than most commercial ones and generously padded in the shoulder. My straps are measured HOLE to HOLE, not end to end. My customers agree a Well-Hung guitar strap makes playing a heavy, (or any) instrument ENJOYABLE again. They do it without looking like some sort of "therapeutic" harness rig or "michelin-man" blumpy on your shoulder. A Well-Hung guitar strap looks great, feels right, and is built for security to last a long, long time.

Nearly 40 years a player, I've made and sent hundreds of guitar thingamabobbers to folks for use at home, in smoky dive bars, or on big big stages all over North America, Europe and beyond. Not really a business, or a hobby, more a labour of love for my guitar loving brothers and sisters.

So very many of my new friends are repeats, over 'n over again - that says it all. Comfort, cool, crazy good value. My story is best told through reviews and feedbacks - lotta interesting characters are now Well-Hung! So proud of the great great friends I've made through my guitar strap alchemy. Please go have a read, then don't hesitate to add yourself to my list of friends.

Youuuu will become, comfortably hung!