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I love guitars and everything guitar related. In fact, I'm passionate about it! I started tinkering and modding guitars as a teenager and eventually graduated to building guitars myself. In my 40 yea…
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About Tribute Guitarworks

I love guitars and everything guitar related. In fact, I'm passionate about it! I started tinkering and modding guitars as a teenager and eventually graduated to building guitars myself. In my 40 years as a guitar player, modder and builder I have learned many valuable skills and garnered lots of guitar knowledge. Now that I am retired, I've decided to turn my attentions to my one true passion: guitars!

When I list an item for sale you can be assured that it's among the finest examples of its kind and will be exactly as I describe it. The guitars and control plates I build under the "Tribute" brand come equipped with all the components I have used over the years to improve the quality of my "stock" guitars. They come to you with only the finest upgrade parts already installed. With my reputation at stake, I guarantee it! You'll have the finest possible components available on the market right out of the box!

I'll also occasionally list parts as well. These are usually brand new items that I acquired for a build and then decided not to use, not because they are inferior but because they just didn't work out on a particular build. The tone caps I sell are also the ones I use personally and put in my builds. They have been time-tested and proven to be the best sounding caps available.
I do not wind my own pickups, but again, the pickups I use and occasionally list for sale here have been through the test of time and have consistently come through as the very best sounding pickups on the market. Don Mare, Seymour Duncan, Lindy Fralin and Dave Stephens are pretty much all I ever use.

It is absolutely my pleasure and joy to share my passion for fine guitars with the good people on Reverb! As I live in a pretty isolated part of the world, I've been thrilled to find this community of guitar and music lovers here on-line. I'm of the generation that didn't have this luxury growing up, and I am so grateful to have access to it now. I'd love the opportunity to talk with you and help you create your "dream guitar."
I love to talk guitars, so give me a shout. Rock on!

I've been so pleased and encouraged by the wonderful feedback I have received! My heart-felt thanks go out to each one of you who have taken the time to leave comments regarding my products and services. I'd like to share a few of them now...

I can't say enough positive things about Tribute Guitarworks. The quality of work is fantastic and the customer service is top notch. As far as I'm concerned there's no reason to shop around. I know I can always get exactly what I need (and expect) from Gary at Tribute guitarworks. Keep up the good work!!
-Russell A.

Superior craftsmanship! Super nice - provided advice and even some material for my project. My new favorite person!
-Tom P.

Gary sells a unique product, backs it up in word and deed, and will help you every step of the way.
-Les H.

It is exactly what I was hoping for. Gary is fantastic, stupendously smart and helpful. Wish I could give him more stars/.
-Jim G.

MIND BLOWN! P90's have never sounded like this! Thanks Gary!

Best money I've ever spent. Top quality and craftsmanship. 10STARS!!! Thanks Gary!

Thank you is not enough. After 7 long months, I have tone I've been wanting. Thank you very much. This control plate ROCKS!

Gary's the real deal. Super nice guy, very approachable. We've had great "chats". People like him are what makes a great medium for musicians to get great gear from great folks. Thank Gary - you rock dude!
-Son Vo

I was so impressed by the build of the first unit you made for me (for my future build) that I HAD to buy another one.

I love, love, love this Bill Lawrence Telecaster 5-way control plate - it's fantastic in every way. Very easy installation and it sounds wonderful. You will not regret buying this upgrade. Thanks Tribute Guitarworks!

Gary at Tribute Guitarworks is just fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about the way he does business. I would purchase from him in a heartbeat and hope to do business with him again in the future. Thanks Gary!

"Simply put, Gary is THE best seller I have ever bought from on Reverb. Great communication, fast shipping, and a quality custom product in his ultimate 5-way Tele control plate. If you want an inexpensive way to greatly upgrade the tone quality and variety of your Tele, this is a no-brainer!"
-Rick L.

"So nice to work with someone that has such a passion for music. I wish I could leave 10 stars!!!"

"Superb pack job. Quick ship. Instrument as advertised and is one sweet tone machine..."

"Gary is great to work with - communication at its best, knows his gear very well."

"I usually wait until my purchased guitar has been delivered, however in this case that is not necessary as Gary has been especially forthright and helpful."

"Absolutely great guy to deal with. Answered all my questions with good detail. I am proud that I bought my first (guitar) through him. Awesome service..."

"Gary was great to deal with...I would go out of my way to deal with Gary in the future. Top Notch!!!"

"Gary is an excellent seller, extremely communicative and extremely accommodating...I would not hesitate to buy a guitar from him again. An amazing person and an amazing seller."

"Accurate description, thorough communication and fast shipping. Gary is a great seller!" -Jason

"Great instrument, great price, great seller."

"Wonderful items. Great seller!!!!!"

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! I was WAY impressed...VERY well worth it."

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