The Recaster

The Recaster


I run Recaster Guitar Workshop where I specialise in bespoke set-ups, honest repairs and relic projects.
When it comes to guitars I'm self taught. I got my first electric guitar in 1982. It was awful and really hindered my playing. I learnt to do set-ups and repairs out of a desire to offer an exceptional product at a fair price. I now sell a range of quality used guitars that I can be proud of, 'attic find' project guitars and a range of new and used parts as well as the occasional parts-caster.

An expanding range of parts hand relict in my workshop. I offer 'off-the-shelf' parts and a relicing service for anything from a strap button to a complete guitar overhaul. I work on metal, plastic and wood with projects ranging from historic and mild to impossibly rusty. Because everything is done by hand, every Recaster product is a total one-off.