Tallman Instruments


Repair & Sales of Fretted Instruments

Authorized Dealer for: Larrivee, Boucher, Breedlove, Faith, Gretsch, Recording King, The Loar, Quilter, ToneWood, D'Addario & L.R. Baggs

Selling Experience: Successful 100% Feedback Ebayer, w/ 274 feedbacks & a Teal star award. Also, check out our 138 Reverb feedbacks.

We here at Tallman Instruments try to distinguish ourselves from other shops. We will not sell an instrument right-out-of-the-box. Each one is unwrapped, & inspected. And as a rule... we take the usual factory set-ups to the next level... re-checking/slotting the string clearances at the nut and checking clearances the 12th frets. The the fingerboards are cleaned and treated with a specially formulated oil to help preserve the wood buffed to a low gloss shine. If the guitar has a glossy finish... the total guitar body is then hand-buffed with swirl-removing agents and polished to a "almost-comb-your-hair-in-it" shine. Each guitar is then played all the way up the neck to verify there is no buzzing and to check intonation. Your guitar comes to you absolutely ready to play... except for your initial tuning... as we are believers in shipping a guitar with no stress on the neck. We take our set-ups seriously... and we want to put that satisfied smile on your face when you first sit down with it and strum that first chord :-)
We do maintain a storefront presence consisting of a Workshop/Showroom at 2643 Crescent Springs Rd. Erlanger, KY 41017. If you are within driving distance, we would love for you stop by and visit us. Our store phone is: 859.342.8280
In most situations.... we are an Authorized Dealer in the brands that we sell... and have a close relationship with our suppliers. This allows us to assist you in warranty related issues should they arise, and also enables us to obtain factory parts to do the repair ourselves and get the instrument back to you for a quick turn-around. Or even facilitate a total replacement if irreparable.
All-in-all, we try to place ourselves in your shoes, and handle the situation as we would like it, should we be in the same given situation.
We do honor a 7-day return policy, with a full refund if the instrument is returned just as we sent it to you originally. (See full policy details)