Hello and welcome to Rob's Rare Synths Reverb store!
We're thrilled to provide our catalog of finely restored vintage synthesizers to the world through this awesome website.

Who we are: We're vintage synth specialist. Our repair/restoration shop, Rosen Sound, services all synthesizers listed here. We're not just some dealer paying the minimum to the cheapest tech to deliver a barely-working machine to you. We're known locally and worldwide for our vast knowledge of synths and what makes them tick, and how to restore them to their former glory and beyond.

About the gear: The gear sold here are all fully restored pieces. To be more specific, we are NOT buying decent gear off craigslist to make a quick buck. All of the gear has been gone through and often restored beyond its former glory. This means that it's been opened, recapped, cleaned up, common-failures fixed before they fail on you. We only use high quality parts that we get from trusted vendors or we make them ourselves.

Shipping: Shipping a vintage synth is NOT something to take lightly. Please allow 2-6 days for handling. You will be billed for any additional shipping charges however we put decent estimates on the listings. We ship via UPS and USPS and ship out once a week. If the item requires crating, there is no guaranteed short-term shipping estimate. We send out very large (CS80, DX1, etc) synths in crates via a wonderful and careful company called Keyboard Carriage. They ain't quick, but they're the best!

Returns: Absolutely no returns are accepted ever. We just don't have the resources to handle returns. However, if any issues arise with your purchased gear we will be thrilled and ecstatic to help you or your tech make sure it's right. This hasn't had to happen yet, but know we have your back and we're very happy to help if something unexpected occurs.

Negotiating and deals: We ask our prices because we believe they're the right prices in respect to the market value. That said, we welcome negotiation and offers. We sometimes will offer extras and options for full asking price.

Consignment: Sometimes people choose to have us fix up their gear and sell it for them. In these cases, we might have our hands tied on certain offers. We are upfront about consignments and we mention that in listings.

We Buy & Trade! We probably wont trade your 3 junos and a poly 800 for a jupiter 8, but we might trade an OBX for one! By all means feel free to let us know what you got!


Rob Rosen & Team