We specialize in the repair and restoration of solid state and vacuum tube audio equipment. We are a small group of electrical engineers that truly enjoy bringing these classic vintage pieces back to their former glory!

We are always buying gear! We love vintage brands such McIntosh, Fisher, HH Scott, Pilot, Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui etc. We also perform restorations on customer gear. Please contact us for more details at reclaimedaudiocliff@gmail.com or through our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/reclaimedvintageaudio

Here are some of the types items that we typically restore & sell:
*Vintage audio receivers
*Preamps/power amps (separates)
*Solid state and vacuum tube audio gear
*Cassette decks
*Reel to reel
*Tube or SS guitar amps/pedals
*Vintage synthesizers
*Vintage radios and tuners
*8 tracks players/recorders
*Boutique/custom equipment
*Rare audio pieces with little or no documentation