Olivia's Vintage


We at Olivia's Vintage have been selling vintage electric instruments since 1995 as we were active online during the early "wild west" days of the Internet where trading was very unsafe and held many scam artists and disappointing transactions for potential buyers. In the midst of this early Internet chaos Olivia's managed to gain a reputable name in our campaign to build trust with clients from around the world through exhaustive presentation and detailed descriptions of our instruments. Unfortunately, online transactions are still a risk as there are still plenty of dishonest and misinformed sellers that make it difficult to know who can be trusted. For this reason we have always directed one question to buyers, trying to keep their interests in mind:

Why are you considering buying an instrument you've never played or seen in person, from someone you don't even know and have never met?

It's with that question in mind we strive to give the most thorough presentation of every instrument showing every possible detail you could ever be concerned about through good photography and descriptions that include any concerning detail of that instrument in order to avoid any surprises when the item is received. It's our goal to be sure that everyone knows exactly what they're buying before it's even paid for. The fruits of this labor have been consistent feedback from customers stating the items purchased are found to be better than expected when they arrive.

Our inventory will always be filled with an interesting variety of vintage and quality electric instruments as we are constantly adding to our selection by traveling across the country to find what we hope will be the instrument you've always wanted. We proudly guarantee that when you receive an item from us the instrument will be exactly as described. To assure our claims we offer the buyer a 48 hour inspection period to personally confirm the truthfulness of our statements about the instrument. It's our goal to gain your confidence for long-term business by creating a problem-free transaction every time.