Noise Floor

Noise Floor


Always Open To Offers, But No Trades, Please Don't Ask.

If You Plan On Making An Offer, Make An Offer!
Please Don't Ask Me What Is The Lowest Price I'm Willing To Sell For...I Would Rather Not Bid Against Myself.

US Shipping: My Shipping Charges Take Into Account All Shipping Materials (Bubble Wrap, etc.); Priority Mail Costs; Full Item Insurance & Signature Upon Delivery.

International Shipping: I Ship Via Priority International As First Class Takes Way Too Long. My Shipping Charges Take Into Account The Above (See US Shipping), But The Initial Cost Is An Estimation As I Do Not Know Where I Am Shipping To When I List These Items. If Shipping Costs More, I Will Ask You To Pay The Difference Before Shipping & If It Costs Less, I Will Refund The Difference Of What You've Already Paid. It Sounds More Complicated Than It Is.