Mike’s Vintage Shop


I have been lucky to have played and gigged some of the best musical equipment in the business. I am constantly researching and comparing equipment to find the tools that I believe get the job done with ease. I don't settle for closeness...it has to be spot on. From finding the right effect to capture the essence from your favorite recording, to hearing the subtle differences between amplifiers and speaker cabinets, I've got you covered!

In the future I will be offering vintage equipment and effect sales as well as jump starting my vintage and boutique consulting service. Is there something rare you are looking for? Perhaps you want a specific effect or amplifier, but want to make sure you are spending it wisely on the one that will get you that "sound in your head?" I can help you make that hope a reality.

Feel free to send me a message and let's talk about what inspires you in the music you play!

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