About Me:
I Started Playing, Buying, Swapping, & Selling Guitars In 1962, When I Was Ten Years Old. I Have Owned Many Hundreds Of Guitars Over The Years, From All Corners Of The Globe. I Wanna Smack Myself Sometimes When I Think About The Ones I Should Have Kept, Instead Of Sold, Traded, Stepped On, Sat On, Or Just Destroyed In Some Fit Of Adolescent Passion. Right Now I Have Well Over 500 Guitars, Mostly Unlisted, & Am Looking To Reduce That Number To About 100. I'm A Motivated Seller, & Have Priced My Listings Fairly, & Any Of Them Will Increase In Value Over The Years. Lots Of Rare 60's Vintage Japanes Guitars, German & Italian Jazz Boxes, American Lap Steels From The 40's & 50's, Acoustic Dreadnaught & Archtops From USA, Japan, Korea, Italy Germany, In Both 6 & 12 Strings & Lots Of Projects That I Just Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Complete The Restoration OrRepairs. Also, I Have Some Old Amps, Cool Effects Pedals, & Lots Of Vintage Parts. Please Look At All Of My Listings. If You Don't See What You're Looking For, Ask Me, As I May Have It. I'll Be Selling Most Of My Current Collection. Some Are Out Of The Ordinary, Weird, Off The Wall, Oddball Axes, And Lots Of Other Bitchin' Stuff!!
Cheers, Rock On, & Play Till It Hurts! Dave