LAA Custom was founded in the heart of the Italian Innovation, the city of Torino - right at the feet of Piemonte’s wine vineyards and across the river from the renowned automobile company Fiat - in 2007 by Carlo Sorasio a mechanical engineer and passionate self-taught musician.

Carlo’s desire was to create a high-quality instrument owning every step of the design and production process, he believed he could use in his advantage the Italian methodology and creative tradition embedded in his mind thanks of the many, many hours spent in the library, absorbing the knowledge of the designers of the motor and Radio Industry.

LAA Custom “Laboratorio Audio Artigianale” has the mission of developing the best quality instruments to become the voice that will carry our artist’s message. Some of the player that choose our products: Stevie Salas, PhilX, Devin Townsend, Steve Steavens.