Jim's Alley Gadget Shop


I'm a dad, a bicycle tinkerer and rider, backyard putterer, lo-fi photo taker, lazy blogger, tube amp repair and guitar hobbyist (player/vocalist in a couple bands), and more besides.

The guitar in the photo is my all-time favorite axe, a 1977 Les Paul model 55-77 TV Special, which I've had since it was new - we grew up together, I guess. Look close, and see I was testing whether strings over or under the tailpiece makes any difference - it doesn't. Kind of like that "Secret Ingredient" in Kung Fu Panda - if you truly believe it makes your Les, and you, sound and taste better, then it probably will.

That old Gibson won't ever be for sale, but from time to time I'll list some cool pedal or mic or tube amp or ancient speaker or strange guitar.

The alley is real, and so is my shop (I bought the place from Gyro Gearloose when he retired), but it's a work zone full of gadgets - bike parts, various test equipment and tools, old transformers and tubes, maybe an uncompleted guitar or amp project. Never a dull moment in Duckburg!