Analog Anonymous


Analog Anonymous is a dealer of heavy narcotic gear. Twelve steps? How about a $12,000 microphone? We specialize in rare and holy microphones and other secret spells from the dark cauldron called the recording world or music biz. Claustrophobic instilling reverbs and delays from the dawn and great days of the arms race known as 'The Analog Filter War'. Other retro armaments? Compressors, fuzz pedals, Micpres, equalisers (yes, with an S). We do our own edition of the Upton 251-- adding an insane Lear Corporation 6072 tube, original output capacitor, and our own capsule tuning. When an Upton 251 rolls out of here, you won't be able to tell the difference between it and a $25,000 original. We distribute our in-house brands Jext Telez and Acme Audio. We dab the toe in secret oceans of tone.