Analog Anonymous


Analog Anonymous is a dealer of heavy narcotic gear. Twelve steps? How about 4 microphones, 4 compressors and 4 micpres. We specialize in rare and holy. Microphones, compressors, fuzz pedals, Mic-pres, equalizers, fuzz pedals and many other secret spells from the dark cauldron of recording.
Our top cure for addiction currently is claustrophobic instilling reverb from the dawn of 'The Analog Filter War'. Experience the ecstasy of an Ursa Major.
Analog Anonymous Edition Upton 251-- original early 60's Lear Corporation 6072 tube, output capacitor customization and our custom capsule tuning.
We shuffle the deck of our in-house brand Jext Telez. We dab the toe in secret oceans and the estuaries leading to said oceans.