Kezar Music

Joe Kezar has been committed to expanding the depth of the business, boasting the largest selection of musical instruments of any full-line store in northwestern Minnesota including guitars, amps, drums, pianos and keyboards, band and orchestra, including rentals, print music, sound and lighting, recording equipment and sound installation for schools, churches and home theaters. Kezar Music is very price conscious and realizes that to remain in this business requires a commitment to competitive pricing and an emphasis on customer service.

Kezar Music offers a wide variety of services for their customers. Music lessons, practice rooms, repair of band/orchestra instruments and guitars, are a few of the services that keep customers coming back. The recording studio keeps Joe, a veteran road musician, very busy. The employees at Kezar Music have a wide range of musical background from country to rock to old time and bluegrass, with instrumentation and vocals to match.