Australia builds start Jan 2019

USA shop closed for winter - see you in spring!

As Featured in Popular Mechanics magazine!

Hovercraft Amps are made from carefully selected unused, unloved music gear that has great potential. we then tear down and rebuild these pieces from the ground up into ICONS OF TONE. plexis, metal panels, rectos, 'mat mathias', 'brown sound', sunn, etc type guitar sounds are the goals when we remake tube amps and cabinets.

design faults are corrected, bad circuits removed or improved, hardware upgraded, fidelity and output power increased, signal paths uncluttered, mods and tone tricks applied until you distill down to the building blocks of great amps and cabinets.

you are getting custom tuning and sonic improvement normally available only to touring pro musicians and studio facilities for hundreds if not thousands of dollars for improved performance.

made with the philosophy that there is plenty of great gear around, it just needs some old fashioned hot rodding, and sometimes major remodeling!

everything we work with has passed the test of time, and is ready to go make decades of great music.

'reuse, recycle, rerock' is a trademark of hovercraft amps. all the baloney you see typed here is copyright us. see you at the races. if you have questions about our stuff, please ASK!

that wasn't chicken.
thanks for checking out our amps! -Nial.