Guitar Tech Craig


Hand made, quality Guitar Tech Craig analog effects pedals at affordable prices. Guitars and Parts specializing in (but not limited to) Vintage Japanese Instruments. All Guitar Tech Craig pedals are true bypass (unless stated), built one at a time by me. Custom options and builds are available. I strive to build the best sounding and most dependable pedals on the market at an affordable price.

Musical Instrument Repair and Customization since 1980, specializing in electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Original guitar and bass custom wiring schemes. Expert setup and repair. Discount parts, labor, and supplies. Authorized dealer of more parts and supplies than I can list. Website featured in Premier Guitar Feb. 2008.

I personally stand behind everything I sell. All items for sale, unless the price has been reduced to bare minimum, have the option for you to make an offer. Fair offers are usually accepted. Low offers will be declined or a counter offer will be sent.

I started working on guitars and electronics in about 1980, plenty of time to pick a great name for a business. Why "Guitar Tech Craig"? Well, I've maintained a website under that name with free information for guitar players since 1998. I decided to keep the name and the history. In 2006, I made the name official and registered as a business and licensed vendor.

Instruments listed for sale are from my personal collection unless otherwise stated. Thinning the herd, as they say.