We have been serving you since 1996. We are focused on really good guitars at really good prices. Our Customers tell us they feel we are a special kind of dealer, more of a boutique than one of the Biggies. We are liked for our small footprint. We are a longtime guitar provider for players and collectors. We sell only online and limit our Guitars and other items to very special & quality items. As do the thousands of others we've served, we think you will like our offerings, prices and service.
We do consider Offers that are reasonable. We like the idea of letting you help set the price. We also hate disappointing so when you are going to make an offer consider, Reasonable is defined as a price that includes profit. Margins on guitars listed are relatively low. Many offers are “Low-ball” to accept such an offer would not be a really good business model to follow. This is especially true when we have already marked down a guitar. The being said, there is room for an acceptable profit in an offer, we will accept that offer.
We have prefect feedback most of which commend our integrity, sterling service and fair pricing. We have also been a pioneer in services like layaway (eBay now does not permit us to offer it) super-safe, super-fast shipping, respond to requests to find special guitars, etc. You will also note that we do offer markdowns on many of our guitars. Our markdowns are great buys and all sales final.
Since anyone can brag, we'd like to invite you to shop us and give us the chance to prove we deserve you. Thanks
We Do Not Have A Brick & Mortar Location - We Strictly An Online Seller