Our Story

Jerry and Carley started Guitar Chimp in their basement in 2006. Jerry has played in bands for 20 years buying and selling his personal gear along the way. Together Jerry and Carley began building Guitar Chimps’ inventory in the time they had between both of their full time jobs. They first bought guitars and pedals around Salt Lake City and quickly realized they needed to start traveling to be able to purchase more gear. They then began traveling during any break they got all throughout the western United States. Slowly they moved Guitar Chimp out of their basement , added people to the team and now have a 4 man, 1 woman, 1 toddler, snake, bird, dog and cat friendly business. Guitar Chimp has always been committed to providing their customers with quality and transparency. Guitar Chimp’s goal is for each customer to feel confident with their purchase that it is what was advertised and is something they can be stoked on playing.