The history of Flatts and Sharpe begins with Mr. Ed Mooney. In 1976, Ed opened a record store, known as Round Records, where the Rogers Park store location currently stands. Not too long after, Ed entered into the music retail industry and turned Round Records into Flatts and Sharpe. Ironically enough, Chris Bell, Flatts and Sharpe’s current owner, bought her first record from Round Records. Later, she would end up buying her first guitar and her first lessons, beginning Chris and Ed’s relationship. On April 1, 2007, Chris bought the store from Ed. Since then, Chris has successfully managed to keep the business growing. In fact, business has been going so well that she opened a second location in Norwood Park in 2014.

Flatts and Sharpe Music Company is a small-town music store that somehow ended up in a big city. With our small-town charm, affordable prices, and a friendly community of staff and musicians, we are here to help with every aspect of a musician’s life. We leap at the opportunity to help every aspiring musician become acquainted with the world of musical instruments. Questions are answered often before they are asked, so that new learners and parents feel right at home and comfortable with their new instrument.

We firmly believe it is important to build community through music. We specialize in music lessons for both children and adults. Because of our extensive staff of professional musicians, we are able to provide lessons for nearly any instrument. We seek to nurture the musical atmosphere for our patrons and any aspiring musicians that may cross our path.

Musicians from all walks of life are choosing Chicago's Flatts and Sharpe for their musical needs. We have two locations that offer the same great service. We realize that we are not just a music store, we are a musical community. Stop by sometime and you'll know what we're talking about!