My name is David Hudghton, I have been selling guitars and related items for the past 30 years. i was born in kirkcaldy fife scotland, has a band with my buddy brian crombie, was road manager for gaels blue a local band from scotland, went to london for a couple of weeks when i was 17, and i was still there 21 years later, have been involved in the music business for most of my life in many different forms, my very good friend geoff everett is responsible for getting me started in buying and selling. moved to america in 1992. I worked in the legal profession for 18 years.myself and my wife denise started this business and we continue to sell sell guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects pedals, ect. I have sold over 5,000 items on Ebay and have left Ebay to join the folks over at Reverb!